• Rian and my Journey into 3D

    Rian and my Journey into 3D

    I was always in love with 3D and wanted to model my own character. Just as I took courage to train as a programmer, I also began the move towards 3D. On 08/13/2019 this little creature saw the light of day for the first time. It was my very first contact with 3D in Blender.Read…

  • HexGame


    “HexGame” is the codename for a turn-based strategy game that I’m currently developing. The player will be a “god” and try to help a tribe succeeding settling and conquering a hex-tile based world. The game will be kind of a digital card game, because the player will draw placeable terrains, enhancements and powers from aRead…

  • Protected: Squirrel B. Gone

    Protected: Squirrel B. Gone

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • VStreamer: Torro

    VStreamer: Torro

    This project by Studio Merkas develops 3D avatars for VStreamers that stream on Youtube, Twitch and other platforms. I worked together to create a 3D model for the German streamer “Torro” in Blender. The model represents his role as the “Iron Avenger”. My colleagues were Luka Dujic and Patrick Löfflad. Check out their Artstation profiles.Read…

  • Protected: 3D Gym Equipment

    Protected: 3D Gym Equipment

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • (Dear) Bear Mate

    (Dear) Bear Mate

    This game is the result of my final project at the SRH Heidelberg. The task was to create a serious game within 6 weeks. Bear Mate is a 3D first-person puzzle platformer game. The player must solve various puzzles using logical thinking and understanding of simple physics. During the game the player can control 2Read…

  • Adrin Forest

    Adrin Forest

    Adrin Forest is a mobile phone game, which was also a project at SRH. The task was to create a Doodle Jump clone within 3 days. We also had to use only free assets from the asset store. Music is by Arden Forest. By the way, the game title was already decided before the musicRead…

  • Item Market

    Item Market

    The Item Market is a work order from the SRH. The task was to create an RPG item store using only PHP and HTML. The user should be able to register, log in and log out, buy items and sell them cheaper and view the purchased items in an inventory. The user is in aRead…

  • Untitled City Game

    Untitled City Game

    This game or rather prototype has no name yet. It is a 3rd person city simulation game, which was also a work assignment at the SRH school. The keywords were “modernize, delete, frightening, dangerous, city, apocalypse”. The player has the task to build a city within a time limit. He achieves this by collecting itemsRead…

  • Projekt: Ikarus

    Projekt: Ikarus

    Work order from the SRH school. The task was to model and texture a space shuttle with less than 10k faces within one week, then to put it into a scene and then to make a poster from it. This space shuttle has 7k facesThe scene has 10,5k faces. I got the idea for theRead…

  • Among Guys

    Among Guys

    Originally, Among Guys was a test scene for sounds. We were supposed to experiment with sounds in class. With the experiments, I expanded the test scene into a larger level that looked a lot like Fall Guys. I designed the AI’s based on the characters from “Among Us” and that’s how the prototype for “AmongRead…

  • CoronAttack


    CoronAttack is a small 2D jump n run sidescroller game. It is an older project, which started when Corona was still in its infancy. The theme is socio-critical, but it is only for entertainment. The project was a work order from SRH school. The instruction was to create a 2D Javascript game. This game isRead…

  • can you break out of your head?

    can you break out of your head?

    Break out of your head (booyh), is a 1st person indie horror game (prototype). It was created as a time limited work order from SRH school. The keywords were “source of danger, fear, getting lost, labyrinth, ruins” with free assets from the Unity Asset Store. First, the player must break out of a prison cellRead…