Among Guys

Among Guys

Originally, Among Guys was a test scene for sounds. We were supposed to experiment with sounds in class. With the experiments, I expanded the test scene into a larger level that looked a lot like Fall Guys. I designed the AI’s based on the characters from “Among Us” and that’s how the prototype for “Among Guys” came about.

My test scene started with a player controller and simple geometric shapes that served as a race track. Then I wanted to add sound when the player collides with an opponent. And so the AIs were created in the form of the Among Us characters. I already had contact with AIs in my booyh project and here I wanted to find out what else you can do with AIs and how they can move in the environment.

I didn’t know that AIs could jump up and down from objects. Experimenting with this was a lot of fun.

The AIs track the player until the player is out of their range.

I also found that moving walls can change the NavMesh so the AIs have to go around it.

This is the first level. It is a great obstacle parkour with moving walls, lava areas, spinning hitters, and hanging hammers.

The second level is inspired by a circus. It has the typical circus colors and the classic cylinder-shaped performance area. The floor turns upwards in the opposite direction so that all players can reach the goal and don’t have to start from the bottom again and again.