Untitled City Game

Untitled City Game

This game or rather prototype has no name yet. It is a 3rd person city simulation game, which was also a work assignment at the SRH school. The keywords were “modernize, delete, frightening, dangerous, city, apocalypse”.

The player has the task to build a city within a time limit. He achieves this by collecting items that give him money. With this money the player can buy buildings to develop the city.

After the time limit has expired, a random apocalyptic event occurs. So far only the “meteor hail” is included in this prototype. After the event, the game calculates a high score. This score is determined by how many buildings the player has placed and how many of those have remained after the apocalyptic event.


In this project I focused more on programming than on level design. I always wanted to create a City Builder game and this project was a good opportunity. Unfortunately the game is not yet as far along as I would like it to be. It contains the following features: Player movement, inventory, place and rotate buildings, AI traffic system, event triggers, smooth camera changes. The game was programmed in C#.


WASD for movement, esc to show the menu and pause, I to open the inventory, K for camera change, mouse to drag and drop the buildings, U to rotate buildings, enter to confirm.

What is still planned:

I have to implement the high-score system, because otherwise the game has no real goal. Inclusion of the already working inventory. So far it has no use yet. More apocalyptic events. A monster attack was planned for this project, too. I had made a character model in advance, but due to lack of time the monster didn’t make it into the prototype yet. Further events could be tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, alien attackers or similar.

3D Objects:

Character: Bernd

Rigged Charakter
50k Faces

Created for this game as a playable character. Can glow in the dark, if the city gets too dark in the shadows.

Character: Rian

Rigged Charakter
130k Faces

Older model than Bernd, but he got some updates for the project like a new texture.

Here you can find a complete article about the character Rian.

The Four objects that appear in the Building Screen under the “Environment” tab. They are supposed to represent abstract art. The rock also serves as a meteor object.