CoronAttack is a small 2D jump n run sidescroller game. It is an older project, which started when Corona was still in its infancy. The theme is socio-critical, but it is only for entertainment. The project was a work order from SRH school. The instruction was to create a 2D Javascript game.

This game is about the danger of viruses. These are in this case extraterrestrial beings called “Coron”, who want to conquer the earth by infecting all humans and mutating them into zombies (Coronbies). The player tries to survive the apocalypse.

The player makes his way through the hordes of Coronbies. With every hit he loses some life. Noodles can partially replenish his life. Using the disinfectant gun, the player can render the coronbies harmless with three shots. But the ammunition is limited.

At the end of each level the player can enter the store where he can buy items. Among other things: Ammunition and upgrades for the weapon and stronger life bars.

Should the player’s life fall to 10HP, the scene changes to the immune system level.

There you fight the virus as a blood cell. If you lose against the virus, the game is over. If you win against the virus, the remaining HPs from the blood cell are added to the player’s and you can continue playing in the upper world. The player has won if he has defeated the Coron King in the last level.


The focus was mainly on programming. I programmed the game in Javascript using the HTML canvas element. The player can collide with enemies, receive damage, shoot, jump, move, change scenes, pick up items.


WASD for movement, W for jumping, spacebar for shooting.

What is still planned:

At the moment the store only serves as a backdrop. I should extend it, so that it is usable.

Upgrades should be added with the store. These could then e.g. give more ammunition or more human- and more blood cells life.

A real ending. Unfortunately I didn’t have time for the final Boss fight against the Coron King.

Dynamically moving life bars. So that the player can better estimate how much life the enemies have left.

More levels with different designs. Currently there are only three levels which are similar.

More enemies. So far there are only the Coronbies in the prototype. I would also like to have a variety of enemies that can attack the player in different ways.