Adrin Forest

Adrin Forest

Adrin Forest is a mobile phone game, which was also a project at SRH. The task was to create a Doodle Jump clone within 3 days. We also had to use only free assets from the asset store. Music is by Arden Forest. By the way, the game title was already decided before the music was chosen.

The gameplay is simple; the higher the character climbs in the level, the higher the score. This is complicated by the flying enemies, which can slow down or push the character away while jumping, or by two special platforms.

There is one platform type that moves and one that disappears as soon as the player touches it for a second.

If the player falls off the screen, he loses.

There are 2 different Items:

The Feather, which allows the player to jump in the air for one second continuously, which allows the player to reach very high heights very quickly,

and the Pearl, which adds 50 points to the score. So you shouldn’t ignore them for a higher score.


In this game I focused on programming. It was the first project for me that works with mobile devices, including working with the touchscreen, the gyro sensor and the phones own settings. Unfortunately, since I privately use an iPhone, I could not create an executable for this device, but only an APK for Android devices. The game was created with Unity in C#.


Tap the touchscreen once to jump.

To move, tilt the phone to the right or left.

To recalibrate the gyro sensor, find a fixed platform on a wall to the left or right and tilt the phone against it until the character is centered again.

For a larger jump, the player must tap the touchscreen at the moment the character first touches the ground.

Falling speed + jumping power = higher jump.

What is still planned:

A ranking list that saves the highscore. The highscore is displayed, but unfortunately not saved yet.

Scaling that automatically adjusts for all devices. When testing with other devices I noticed that the level margins do not fit into the format on every device.

Left from my iPhone via Unity Remote 5

Right from a Huawei Honor 8x

Upload to the Google Play Store.

More items and enemies e.g. enemies that deliberately chase the player or items that give protection from these enemies.

Monetization through either advertising, which appears as a small banner in the game over screen, or as a purchase option for removing ads completely, in-app purchases for e.g. skins for the character and for the level itself (events like Christmas with Christmas trees instead of normal trees, Easter eggs instead of pearls, etc.), introduce a currency which allows the player to revive at the point in the level where he died. This currency is payable with real