Item Market

Item Market

The Item Market is a work order from the SRH. The task was to create an RPG item store using only PHP and HTML. The user should be able to register, log in and log out, buy items and sell them cheaper and view the purchased items in an inventory.

The user is in a marketplace and has 3 merchants to choose from.

These merchants belong to a category and sell only items that belong to that category. But the player can sell all items to these merchants, regardless of their category. The items are not sold at full price to the merchant.

If an item is too expensive, the button will be grayed out. The item disappears from the store when the quantity is 0.

Each merchant also has his own gold which he can spend. If he has no more gold, he can not buy any more items from the user.

The user can view the purchased items and a few basic values of the character in the inventory. Equipping the weapons was not required in the task. The character’s stats are displayed in a bar at the top of the screen at all times.


In this project I focused only on programming. The graphics are all from the internet and edited in Photoshop. It was difficult for me at first to find my way around PHP, because this was my first project using it. In the assignment it was explicitly stated that only PHP and HTML should be used and no JavaScript. This made the creation of a store not impossible, but also not easy.