Hi, my name is Adrian Haug.

I am 27 years old (1994) and live between Stuttgart and Frankfurt in Germany. I am a computer programmer with focus on game and multimedia development. I completed my education in this field with very good grades in October of 2021.

It has always been my dream to develop my own games. Before I started my education, I found programming to be something very challenging. Today I know it’s easier than I thought.  During my training I have learned a lot and I’m always eager to learn even more.

My personal strengths lie in creating games as a whole: I have a lot of original ideas and my concepts are detailed. I have a good eye for character- and level-design, a healthy portion of perfectionism and an affection for great and dramatic lighting settings. I’m also very good at 3D-modeling.

My fellow people describe me as hardworking, committed, funny, sometimes crazy, but always friendly and trusting men. Working in a team has always been a positive experience for me. I like to exchange ideas, collaborate with others to solving problems and then be happy together when something finally works.

In October 2021 I completed my professional training at the SRH in Heidelberg. Before my apprenticeship I knew only a little about programming and game development. After 2 years I can say, that I achieved a lot and that I’m really good at it. You can look at the projects I created for school in the category “School”.

I completed a 4-month internship at Studio Merkas in Stuttgart. I learned a lot of new things and was able to apply what I had already learned. I also had some training courses during that time: For Unreal Engine, data and resource management and more. My tasks were varied. Among them creating various 3D objects, working with the Unreal Engine, modelling a VStreamer character and programming a Unity 2D game. You can look at some of the Projects I created during my internship in the category “Intership”. If a post is password protected, please contact me personally to see the post. These projects are confidential and I’m only allowed to show them for job applications.

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I am just a big dreamer, but everything starts with a dream


My name is Adrian Haug and I'm a state-approved programmer with focus on game and multimedia development since October 2021. I'm 27 years old and living in Germany between Stuttgart and Frankfurt.

Discord: Ady Rian#4563
E-Mail: ady.haug(at)hotmail.de